A Royal Change

A Royal Change

Could Change Frame help the royals?

"Have you ever thought about it, about simply leaving? Really, truly thought about it with the intent to follow through and not as a dream or a passing fancy?"

Erin Morgenstern

This week I have reflected a lot on a significant change that is not personal for me, but is significant in terms of world history (I think) and is unfolding in front of our eyes in traditional and social media. One word: #megxit. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, I’m pretty sure that everyone has an opinion on the royals.

Regardless of whether you are in support of the royal family and their role in the world, there’s no denying that what is playing out in their family at the moment represents a significant change for what is one of the world’s most iconic and entrenched institutions. So…how do you think this change is being handled by all involved?

Take Harry and Megs. If I think back to my Change Frame process…have they really mentally projected themselves into their future sans-royal-life to try to see, feel, taste and hear what it’s REALLY going to be like? Or have they simply decided they don’t like how it is now, so anything is better? I know we’ll never really know, but from my view on how things have played out in the public, I suspect it’s a little bit more like the latter than the former. No one can deny that there are many aspects of their life that would be incredibly difficult to deal with; and they have clearly articulated those challenges. But still…I wonder…have they thought it through?

On another point, have they discussed it with other people who will be impacted? Lizzie? Charles? Wills? The whole clan? There are differing reports regarding to what degree the rest of the royal family were “blindsided” by this announcement or not. It also begs the question…should they have to discuss it with the others? Like I said…we’ll never know…until someone does a massive expose and we read all about it down the track.

My take on the Queen’s response is that she has received some very pointed advice on how to manage this transition. She is acquiescing to their “requests” where she feels it’s reasonable (and where she’d likely be publicly vilified if she didn’t); but also, in a very stiff-upper-lip kinda way, I feel she’s making it quite clear that if they reject some of it, they reject all of it. She is leaving the world in no doubt exactly who is the head of this institution family. And therein lies the challenge…is it a job they’re leaving? Or a family? For the Windsors, the two are so intertwined.

But if we bring it closer to home…I wonder how many other people have wanted to “reject” their family. I know most people have left a job at least once or twice in their life. And I know there’s no other family quite like the royal family. And I’m not talking about a situation where there is violence, and people are in danger. No…just plain old “Nah…we don’t really like how things are done here. We’re gonna exit stage left…” Maybe a family business is the closest parallel for mere mortals. I imagine that the best outcomes in these scenarios derive from situations where everybody came together to discuss everybody’s wishes and how best to accommodate them. And they did a transition plan for how to achieve the outcome with minimal adverse impacts to all involved. I’d love to hear stories from anyone who has first-hand experience on a situation such as this and how it was handled.

At the end of the day, I guess it’s difficult to truly draw a parallel here given the significance of the British monarchy in the annals of history. This is certainly one chapter that I’m looking forward to witnessing in the writing!