Why do I care?

People often assume that because I work in the field of change management, then I must be “really good” at coping with change. Au contraire my friends!!

When I was growing up, our family moved cities every few years due to my father’s job. And every time we moved, I felt like my life was crashing down around me. I found it so incredibly traumatic. I would think that no school would ever be as good as the one I was leaving; that I wouldn’t ever see my friends again and would struggle to make new ones.

So it is actually the opposite of what people think: I specialise in change management precisely because I don’t deal well with change myself. I truly empathise with people who struggle with change.

It’s no surprise that I forged a career in Organisational Change Management. For more than 15 years I have worked with dozens of organisations and hundreds of individuals providing support and guidance for how best to approach and deal with change – whether it’s something people truly desire and want the outcomes to stick, or it’s a change that’s being imposed and they’re simply looking for a way to find peace with it.

Having travelled a life path that has seen change be a major part of both my personal and professional life, I realised that that is my gift: working with people who are going through change. I have built my own “change muscle’ through many years of experience as a professional in the field, but also as an ‘Average Jane’ who struggles personally with it. As a result of that personal struggle, I have come to realise some things that I now do innately to help me better deal with change, to make the rights changes in the right way, and to make the outcomes stick.

So now I want to help YOU do the same.

Why should you trust me?

If you think that my personal and professional story about my experience with change doesn’t necessarily make me an expert, then read on! It’s no coincidence that I have pursued several qualifications to give me a solid theoretical grounding in people, how they respond to change and how they can make the most out of change in their life. Here are my “letters”:

  • Certified Psycho-Neuro-Actualisation Coach (The Maraboli Method)
  • Graduate Diploma (Psych) – Hons
  • Bachelor of Business (HRM)