What is Change Frame?

Change Frame is a practical tool and approach that I have developed for dealing effectively with change. It offers a simple framework for considering perceived Upsides and Downsides of a given change, and conducting a Reality Check of your own perceptions. By working through change this way, you will be aware of where and how the change will be challenging, and be equipped to meet those challenges.

When faced with change, it is helpful to be aware of your own Base Frame; this is your innate “knee-jerk” response to change. As the saying goes, “Forewarned is forearmed.” If you understand where and how you might find change challenging, then you can build strategies to not let change get the better of you.

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Want to make change in your life?

Do you struggle when trying to work out how best to approach a certain change to make your world a better place? Does it feel like you rarely achieve the outcomes you’re striving for when making positive changes? Do you struggle to make the outcomes stick? Do you feel like you are constantly let down by the positive changes you try to make in your life?

Change Frame is a simple but effective tool that helps you break things down. By following this approach, you can be sure that changes you want to make in your life are the right thing to do, and that the outcomes you’re seeking will stick.

If you’re contemplating looking for a new job, starting a health and wellbeing overhaul, moving to a new city… anything that you think will help make your life a better place, then check out how I can help you get there.

Been thrust into a situation you didn’t ask for?

Have you had an unwanted change or situation thrust upon you? Do you sometimes find that unwanted change gets the better of you? Or would you simply like to learn a more effective way to respond to change when it catches you unawares?

Having change thrust upon you can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. It can be easy to feel like there is no end in sight or no way that the situation can possibly make your world a better place.

Working through the simple and structured approach of Change Frame, you will find a way to at the very least be at peace with change that is imposed upon you. You never know, you may even learn how to arrive at a point where you see “unwanted” change as the best thing that’s happened for you!